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 2011 Writing Competitor Sara Trafford - Langley, B.C. Canada

Spirit Award Winner 2011!

Here are some of my ideas of what wild horses would say if they could talk...
Hello, my name is Cloud and this is my story. When I was young my mother showed me all of the meadows and the forest. Up high in the mountains is where we lived, in a herd of wild horses just like me. My father’s name was Thunder, a trusty black stallion with hooves of steel. My mother on the other hand was a young and beautiful mare named Sky. I arrived in late spring on a wet day on the slopes of Vernon, British Columbia. Every time I looked at my mother’s eyes I saw crystaling gems staring back at me. It was so peaceful there, it was a paradise.
Click here to read Sara’s essay.

The Wild Ponies of Chinchoteague

By Olivia Pero

Richland, Michigan,U.S.A.

As Ginger and Spots hit the shore of Chinchoteague they heard the roar of the crowd. That would be about 40,000 people.The herd of wild ponies were split up into corrals. Little foals were split up from their mothers. It was a terrible sight to see, but people didn’t mind much. Ginger and Spots were luckily not split up. They both squished there way in between stallions and mares. Ginger inched closer to Spots as they made their way to a nice cozy spot in the middle of white and brown colored ponies. Spots and Ginger both got really relaxed that before they knew it they both fell asleep like foals.

Click here to read Olivias essay!


The Amazing World of Mustangs

By Audrey Feldman

Berlin, Connecticut, U.S.A.

 I have always loved horses. Even when I was little, my mom exposed me to horses (real or not). When I heard of this writing competition, I was very excited to start. I have always admired wild horses. Besides horses, I enjoy writing and drawing. With all these things combined in one, I was looking forward to entering. 

I hope I have made my point that mustangs are great examples of hard work, team effort, and individual responsibility, which are the values that make America great. I believe we should protect mustangs and keep them roaming free because they remind us of what is truly important. They inspire us.

Click here to read Audreys essay!




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