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Spirit Award Winner 2011 - Sara Trafford - Langley, B.C. Canada!
Here are some of my ideas of what wild horses would say if they could talk.
Hello, my name is Cloud and this is my story. When I was young my mother showed me all of the meadows and the forest. Up high in the mountains is where we lived, in a herd of wild horses just like me. My father’s name was Thunder, a trusty black stallion with hooves of steel. My mother on the other hand was a young and beautiful mare named Sky. I arrived in late spring on a wet day on the slopes of Vernon, British Columbia. Every time I looked at my mother’s eyes I saw crystaling gems staring back at me. It was so peaceful there, it was a paradise.
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 Hannah-Mae Kaiser 
Rochester, Alberta, Canada


Memories flooded my mind, for the last five years Torrie had been a part of every adventure, every photo album, and every riding goal. She taught me patience, how to simply accept some things for what they were, the power of a confident leader, and the importance of trust.

I rescued her, but she changed my life.
As I sat there, it felt as though someone had taken my breath away. Why me? Why her? Somethings simply cannot be explained. Our friendship was one of those things.
My Gal Torrie
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By Gabrielle Cournoyer
Cottrellville Township, Michigan
A beautiful stallion
Pony friends forever
Justice is a big teddy bear
Hot chocolate brown
Smells like hay
Love him
When I look at him
I know
He will be my big brave horse
I love you, boy!
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