History of Horses Help Kids - Video Presentation
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History of Horses Help Kids - Video Presentation

Inspired by our original mission in 2007 for Voice For The Horse

"To forever bridge the gap between horse & human in our modern day world"

Many years have gone by. We watched and remained attentive as to where and when we could authentically bring our mission to the forefront.

It has become evident today we have lost our connection to so many things in our lives to include healthy relationships with ourselves, each other and nature. We know throughout the research and development we have gone through, if we encourage youth towards creativity while teaching them healthy boundaries and implement positive virtues in their lives, not only will they benefit from instilling these values into their lives, but all those who witness it. Our deeper purpose remains the same to be not only an authentic voice for the horse, but to touch and empower the lives of children so they may grow up stronger in our world; our children are our future.

The message in the following video is timeless - we must forever keep our voices strong for those who are not able to do so on their own.

Filmed on Salt Spring Island October 10th, 2013 at a Community Event tributed to Amanda Todd and other victims of teen bullying.

10 year Olivia Pero from Richland, Michigan inspires the Leading The Change Music Project for Kids







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