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Mascot Mischief

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I met Mischief the night he arrived from Manitoba to his destination in Langley, B.C. back in October 2008. He was a wild little thing but I could see right away that he was wanting to be reassured and comforted in his new surroundings. As usual I had a bottle or two of aromatic essential oils with me and decided to offer him some lavender. Within just minutes I was scratching behind his ears gently. We would enjoy a few moments of this and then he would quickly scoot off only to focus his attention on me again (and the subtle scent of lavender on my hands). He was intrigued and interested, quite something for a little guy that had very little handling from humans if any, before his arrival here at four months of age. It was never my intention to take on another horse, rescue or otherwise so I put out to the world he was looking for a new home where he would be loved and cared for. It never came to fruition, instead we found many horses struggling to make it through a tough and cold winter where hay was lacking and sometimes the funds to purchase the hay not available.

 Our Prince ~ Mischief!!  Born to a PMU Mare from Manitoba in 2009. Mischief is also VFTH Mascot Angel's younger brother ~ who would have thought we would get two rescue horses that were never intended at that and have them show up as family members from four provinces away!! Angel was born in 2008 and we adopted them one year a part.

  By January 2009 I had some concern for him and decided to help him out as much as I could. I didn't tell anyone (I would have been told I was insane!!) but started paying out his board money and covered his purchase price so as to to satisfy his owner, who no longer was willing to provide care for him. He was scheduled to go to the auction where in all liklihood he would have most likely not have sold for more than meat price. I massaged the owner's personal horses to work off his purchase fee.

The biggest dilemma now was trying to figure out how to manage three horses boarded on the West Coast! I thought of my friend Thea and her family up in Pritchard, B.C. who had just moved up that way to open their new horse boarding facility MacKenzie Meadows. I called her and told her about Mischief and that I didn't know what to do with Mischief now that he was mine, but shared that he had also claimed a piece of my heart, too. She said to load him up on a trailer and ship him up to her place and not to worry. After Mischief arrived at Mackenzie Meadows, Angel and Jimmy (Five Sails) followed suit and it was near a full year these three horses spent up at the Mackenzie's. I have much gratitude for the care and sponsorship the MacKenzies provided for these very special horses in my life.

Mischief is a Draft Cross (something in the same mix as Angel) and demonstrates very much the characteristic of a full bred draft where we recognize part of who he is in this beautiful little Budweiser Draft Foal. These are lovely horses!

This is where the dream begins...


May 2009 - Mischief turns one year old in June 2009!

My heart was captured by him the day we met (and so was his)

 July 2009 - Our First Ride!!

 Our first ride

Mischief Connecting With Vernon - March 1, 2009

Mischief connecting on a level he never had before ~ after care from a -20 degree celcius experience in a field with no shelter or water from the winter storm Dec 2009 ~ Jan 2010. His connection to humans today is of attachement as he recieved so much love during this trying time ~ no baby deserves the experience he went through.




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